Sunday, 19 May 2013

AR 216 Ceramics
Holly Kane Medina
Section 1
Journal Entries

#1 Journal/Reflection 1st Pinch Construction (Process)
Please discuss how you began your pinch construction (include photos if you can) and what was your reason for the type green ware decoration used incising, stamping etc.  Please submit the file as a PDF file on-line and make sure you have your name and title of Journal in the file name. 

My first pinch pot process was pretty easy. I took me a while to work on the structure of my pinch pot, but I got the hang of it while I was decorating it. First, I took a clump of clay and wedged it out to eliminate air bubbles. Then I mold the piece of clay into a ball. From the center of the ball, I placed my two thumbs and slowly pressed and turned the ball counter clockwise to create a little dome in the middle. Once that little dome was created, I continued to press and stretch the clay to make the dome bigger and wider. It then formed the bowl size I would want and from that step, I turned the bowl over and held a quarter of the end/tip of the bowl and pinched it to make the foot of the bowl. After creating the foot of the bowl, I evenly smoothed my bowl and set it aside for a day.
The next day, the clay was a bit stiff but a little moist still, which made it easier for me to decorate and incise. The decorative design I wanted to make was vines and little flowers or seeds. I used the technique to incise from thick to thin. I created vines that were thick from the root and it thins out towards the end.
Overall, my first pinch pot was a success and turned out how I wanted it to be. I had fun working on this project. J

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