Sunday, 19 May 2013

AR 216 Ceramics
Holly Kane Medina
Section 1
Journal Entries

#3 Journal/Reflection Coil Construction (Green Ware)
Please discuss how you began your Coil Construction. Describe the process, did you blend the coils or did you choose to use the coil pattern as part of the decoration? (include photos if you can) and what was your reason for the type green ware decoration used incising, stamping ect.  Please submit the file as a PDF file on-line and make sure you have your name and title of Journal in the file name.  

            Before I started my coil construction, I had to think about what I was going to make. I thought of a vase at first, but then, I changed my design and went for a cookie jar or just a regular jar. When I was working on my coils, I did not use the extruder to create my coils. I simply went “old school” and made my coils by hand, or by rolling them on to the table. For the bottom of my piece, I used the slab roller to create an even look to the bottom. I cut the piece into a circle and from there I started adding and stacking up my coils which will create a jar. I made my piece wide from the bottom and then hallow or thinner towards the top of my piece. After, I stacked the coils and created my base of the jar, I then made a cover for my piece to complete its overall look.
            For the decoration, I did not incise anything, although I added little clay to it. I made little bees using clay and just slip and score them onto my jar. The overall look made it seem like a bee hive with little bees on them. I had fun working on this project. Structural wise, it was sort of difficult because I had to deal with keep the coils together and stable when I stacked them together. Other than that, it was a fun experience.

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