Sunday, 19 May 2013

AR 216 Ceramics
Holly Kane Medina
Section 1
Journal Entries

#2 Journal/Reflection Double Pinch Construction
Please discuss how you began your Double Pinch construction and how you joined the two sections (include photos if you can) and what was your reason for the type green ware decoration used incising, stamping ect.  Please submit the file as a PDF file on-line and make sure you have your name and title of Journal in the file name.  

            The way I began my double pinch pot is simply the same as how I started my single pinch pot. After creating two individual pinch pots, that are the same size, I made score marks around the mouth of the pots and simply added slip on both pots. Then after adding slip, I joined the two bowls together to create a hallow ball. When the two bowls were joined together, I smooth out the excess slip and mush clay together to cover the crease of the two joined bowls.
            With my hallow ball created, on the foot of one bowl, I created an opening and widen the mouth of the piece. From there, I smooth the inside of the ball and smooth out the rest of the ball. For the decoration, I incise a zigzag design with a thick to thin concept, and added little dots to it as well. This project was simple as well, and the structure was a bit difficult to handle. But all in all, I had fun while working on this project.

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