Sunday, 19 May 2013

AR 216 Ceramics
Holly Kane Medina
Section 1
Journal Entries

#4 Journal/Refection Slab Constructions (Green Ware)
Please discuss how you began your Slab Construction, describe the process, include photos and write about your reason for the type green ware decoration used incising, stamping ect.  Please submit the file as a PDF file on-line and make sure you have your name and title of Journal in the file name.  

            My slab construction was thought out on how I could create a piece that would be 10 inches tall. I had trouble trying to figure out how much clay would be needed to create such a difficult piece. Although I settle for the safe side and made a 7 inch three-sided vase. On each side of that vase, I created a bump towards the bottom of the piece.
            I started off by wedging a huge block of clay. I wedged it into a shape to where it could create a long piece of slab. I used the slab roller to create my slab and then I measured and cut three rectangular pieces. I then cut the edge of the rectangular pieces into a diagonal shape. After creating the diagonal shape, I scored and slip the pieces together to create a three-dimensional triangle. After having my piece standing, I created a bulge from the bottom of the piece so it will look like a dome or like a ball. On the top of my piece, I added three petal look-alikes and curved it to give it that “flower” look. I didn’t know whether or not to add decorative designs to it, but I left it plain and thought that maybe glazing would help make my piece “pop”.
            This experience was difficult but worth it in the end! J

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